Ice in Our Veins - Canadian Olympic Team

Produced by: Hologram                 Creative Director: Mr/Tommy Zee. 

Three Chords and The Truth - UBS.

Produced by: MassiveMusic.                     Creative Director: Mr/Tommy Zee.                         

“A rare breed of talent, passion and philosophical coolness...working with Tommy equates with two words: effortless genius’’ 

David Angelo Founder/Chief Creative Officer - David & Goliath - Los Angeles.

The Wait by Pieter Henket.

“ level...’’

Mark Zibert - Film Director - Imperial Woodpecker - Los Angeles, New York.

Tomorrow Never Ends - Bridgestone.

Produced by: Massive Music                     Creative Director: Mr/Tommy Zee                     

The Samurai - Fuji.

Produced by: Massive Music                     Creative Director: Mr/Tommy Zee 


Manifesto - BMW

 Produced by: MassiveMusic          Creative Director: Mr/Tommy Zee

Speaking in Public.

I won't lie. I love having the microphone in my hand and the audience in my palm. It's not because I like hearing myself talk. It's because I genuinely care for the human beings in front of me. I want to move them, help them to see their world with new eyes and to inspire them to join the world's choir by singing in their own voice. I am asked to speak frequently at creative industry agencies and festivals (Cannes Lions, ADCN, Ciclope) and I am no stranger to delivering talks to the biggest brands in the world: Vodafone, UBS, Philips and many others.

When I speak to creative audiences, my aim is to give them insights on how they can become the best in the world at trading delight for dollars. When I speak to corporate audiences , my aim is to enlighten CMO's and their teams on how music can be used to make the brand unforgettable.

And even if no one asks me to speak, I will say what I think the world needs to hear. 

“, interesting and good...’’

Steve Persico - Group Creative Director - Leo Burnett Advertising - Toronto.

Lunae by Howard Roar.

I believe that every craftsperson who is commissioned to create commercial 'art' should set aside a portion of their day to make their own Art. The world doesn't need more commercials, the world needs more Art. Talented artisans should express themselves without waiting for a client brief. Do it for the sake of your soul. Because I promise you, though you might make a zillion dollars, if you never make time to let your soul speak - you will ache. You will ache because your highest calling isn't to make a zillion dollars selling your time and energy to make a brand another billion.

Once an MC, always an MC.

It started when I first arrived in Toronto from Poland in 1988. First day of school. The "900 Number" blaring from a large, silver ghetto blaster sitting under the backboard on the outdoor basketball court before the school day starts. I am instantly infected with an incurable love of hip hop. It is the only sound that combines instinct, intellect and emotion. Words and rhythm. My favorite things. I begin performing at high school talent shows. My career as a rapper culminates in a couple of number one hits on the Polish charts. I have no illusions of becoming Biggie, but I will rhyme anytime I am asked. Like in this commercial for chocolate milk. 

Produced by: Cris Kos Massive Music       Vocals: Mr/Tommy Zee


And since we're on the subject of my vocal chords, I occasionally get hired as a voice over. I am expensive and difficult to work with...if you're into that, listen to this:

Operation White Widow

Though I spend most of my time being a conductor, hand picking and guiding remarkable craftspeople to create delightful music for commercial projects - every once in a while I am asked to be the craftsman. A very talented Polish animator and director, Jacek Mazur, asked me to compose sound and music for his short film Operation White Widow. I thought the concept and execution were delightful and I was honored. Here is the result.