I used to sit in a day job I hated, dreaming of someday being able to make music AND make a living. But I had no idea how I could make a good living making music in a world where people weren't paying for music anymore. The only people making money from music are the Drakes, the Adelles, the Justin Biebers...right? 


Not all of us want to be stars, not all of us want to be in a band, not all of us want to sit on a tour bus. Not all of us want to worry about having to sell lots of records to survive. Guess what?

There IS a way to make money in music without having to be a star. There is a way to make a living as a musician without having to sell a single record! I know - because I've been doing it for over a decade. I have been making a living, sitting in the studio all day and sometimes night - and getting paid for it. How, you ask? You can probably guess how I make a living by seeing my work. I am responsible for delivering unfrogettable music to the commercials of the world's biggest brands.

People may not be paying for music anymore, but big brands are paying millions of dollars a year to curate and create great music for their films and commercials. 

It all makes sense so far, right? 

Sure. But...

But how do you break in?

Where do you start? 

How does it all work?

All good questions.