Guess what? 

No one except your mom cares about your dream. And though your mom cares, there's little she can do to help you make it happen. 

As you begin to get over the honeymoon phase of making your dream a reality, you will notice that the magnificent vision you had in your mind of how you will save the world - the vision that people were going to line up for, the vision that was going to make your phone battery die after dozens of incoming calls, the one that was going to make strangers stir with your sizzling will notice that despite your magnificent vision - no one is lining up, your phone is silent (so you keep checking if it's on) and your emails remain unanswered.

Nobody cares about your dream. Except your mom.

But it's not your mom who will have to get over herself, to smile at the silence of reluctant strangers and to stay responsible for pressing on. It's you.

It's your dream. Nobody cares. Do you?

The silence is just the test from the universe to see how much you care. Dreams aren't handed out to the enthusiastic sprinters. They are earned by committed triathlon runners. The ones who won't let a little blood, sweat, tears or silence slow them down.

Nobody cares about your dream. Except you and your mom. But your mom can't do a damn thing about your dream.

So give your mom a hug, thank her for sending you into this world and then get to work.