Howdy. They call me Mr Zee.

I am a restless Gemini who takes perverse pleasure in joining art in commerce in a roaring threesome. My experience spans diverse fields: a banker, a consultant for Fortune 500 company, a radio host, a Polish chart topping rapper, a globe trotting dj, recording studio owner, music producer, composer, artist, writer, speaker and motivator of men and women who wish to make their life a masterpiece.

I am a Creative Director at MassiveMusic Headquarters in Amsterdam, where I help the biggest brands in the world find their voice and tell their story sound and music. Brands like Heineken, Nike, Adidas, Volkswagen, BMW, Google, Virgin, Audi...and too many more to list. The MassiveMusic magic has been recognized and rewarded through every prestigious award in the creative industry.

I am a father of two and a husband of one. A producer and host of Timeless Transmission, a monthly mix show featuring rare, remarkable and timeless music. I make music and play music as Mr Tommy Zee, Howard Roar and Victor Veros.

I read widely, think deeply, listen closely, write frequently and speak publicly.

I use this space to think out loud and contradict myself.

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